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Liz Baker shares a collection of her favourite recipes for delicious easy-to-prepare home made nosh using The Baker's Pig salami and cured meats. These delicious recipes contain key ingredients available to purchase through the website. All other ingredients listed are common store cupboard essentials. These recipes are great for quick and yummy meal ideas that are easy to prepare and take the stress out of munch-time... perfect for the busy household.

Chorizo and Green Lentils with New Season potatoes recipe

Prep: 10                Cook: 25               Total: 35

Carbonara made with pancetta and coppa recipe

Prep: 10                Cook: 15               Total: 25

Nduja spreadable salami and Eggs recipe

Prep: 5                Cook: 15               Total: 20

Poached Eggs with Coppa recipe

Prep: 10                Cook: 5               Total: 15

Chorizo Cantimpalos and butterbean stew recipe

Prep: 10                Cook: 20               Total: 30

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