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Things start taking shape

Block work starting to go up at Ty'r Cwm Farm

By the middle of July, the slab had been poured and the block work was well under way. Whilst the block work was being built up to the height of the existing wall plate, the old roof to the existing stables was being demolished. Our intention was to retain this roof and simply extend it over the extension. The existing roof was covered in traditional Heather Welsh slate, which was in pretty good condition and looked quite charming. However, the roof trusses were far from adequate and required replacing. We decided to carefully remove the old Welsh slates and then dismantle the old trusses and start from scratch, building a new single roof to cover the whole building

Removing the old roof trusses

Again, the weather was really great, and the build started to move on at pace. New trusses arrived, and added to the general clutter whilst we finished taking down the old roof.

Have to point out the XGRA T-Shirt from my old days working in the games industry for Acclaim Entertainment Studios - Cheltenham

Hard to believe this old building was once used to stable a couple of donkeys in the 1970's.

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