Free-Range Pork


The Baker's Pig offer a range of pork cuts available as part of a pork box. These are always in high demand - and sell out quickly.... so if you are interested in receiving one of our delicious pork boxes, and they appear 'out of stock' on the website, don't worry - just drop us an email or give us a call to pre-order and we'll ensure we keep one back for you!

Alternatively, why not fast-track to the front of the queue and sign up for our monthly subscription: You'll receive a pork box every month. Each box comes with a PORC Blasus recipe booklet crammed with great recipe ideas from some of the top chefs and food bloggers in Wales. 

We also produce some of the very best maple-smoked bacon and sausages you'll ever taste. If you're not quite sure what's so special about our bacon and sausages, then we urge you to try a pack of each. Our customers snap these up like breakfast is going out of fashion.


Why not sink your teeth into one of our NEW  breakfast / brunch boxes. Designed as an all-in-one box foodie treat for 2-4 people to enjoy. These really are extra special!